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Qi Wellness Centre - Exeter

ANCIENT Taoist techniques learned by its practitioners in the mountains of South Korea are practised daily at the Qi Wellness Centre in Exeter as a way of transmitting powerful healing QI energy to visitors.

Manager Ben Burningham discovered Qi energy more than 10 years ago in his quest to overcome severe chronic fatigue. He said: “Many people have a blocked energy system and a build-up of toxins due to lifestyles, environment, emotions and inherited patterns. This can leave them feeling depleted and can negatively affect their mental and emotional state. This was certainly my experience but, since discovering Qi energy, I haven’t looked back.

“Here at the Qi Wellness Centre, our practitioners create the sort of energy usually found only at sacred Feng Shui sites. This means people can recharge themselves at a very profound level.”

The Qi Wellness Centre is tucked away in the heart of Exeter’s town centre on Longbrook Street. Qi classes run daily, with chanting and Qi movements to open energy channels, followed by meditation to focus the mind. Qi energy treatment uses acupressure along with a breathing technique to stimulate energy and blood flow, detoxify the body, and reduce pain and stress.

Ben added: “Our clients, often report experiencing increased energy levels, motivation and emotional resilience after attending Qi classes and treatments.The centre is currently offering people the chance to try a Qi treatment or class at half the normal price."

For more information:

T.   01392 433 330 



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